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The Republic of Karelia, Alaxala

Eco-festival 'Olonia — Geese Capital'

06 may 2017 - 07 may 2017 Events and holidays
Фестиваль «Олония — гусиная столица»
Елена Кузнецова , Туристский портал Карелии
Фестиваль «Олония — гусиная столица»
Елена Кузнецова , Туристский портал Карелии
Фестиваль «Олония — гусиная столица»
Туристский портал Карелии
Фестиваль «Олония — гусиная столица»
Игорь Георгиевский , Туристский портал Карелии

Every year a lot of geese migrating in spring from the South to the North stop to rest on the fields near Olonets. Olonets invites tourists at the beginning of May to participate in the eco-festival «Olonia — Geese Capital» devoted to this special occasion.

The main tasks of this unique eco-festival are birdwatching, traditional Karelian meetings and preserving nature.

The fields near the town Olonets are covered with a live carpet of geese! Here the birds make a stop migrating from the South to the North. Olonets plain is the largest landing for migrating birds in North Europe. From the end of April to the beginning of May you can watch more 1.5 million birds. Since 2001 Olonia (Olonets) has been declared the Geese Capital by World Wildlife Fund, Baltic Fund for Nature and International Union for conservation of nature.

The eco-festival «Olonia — Geese Capital» opens on the 6th of May 2017.The central event of the eco-festival «Geese Meeting» is held in the visit-centre «Geese Fields» located in the village Alexala. ‘Geese meetings’ offer traditional Karelian games, delicious treatings, birdwatching, photo experience, and exciting  geese race! 

Welcome to Olonets to take part in eco-festival ‘Olonia, Geese Capital’! Welcome to Karelia! 

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Phone number: 8(81436) 4-23-00, 8(964) 317-81-20, 8(964)317-81-15
Address: Olonets district, Aleksala village

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