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Russian Festival

443010, Russia, Samara, ul. Galaktionovskaya 139 office. 111 NGO
+7 (846) 332-66-90

The guitar poetry festival n.a. Valeriy Grushin, or Grushinsky festival, is held annually in Samara since 1968. The festival was organized in commemoration of Valery Grushin, the student of Kuibyshev Institute of Aviation and a big fan of guitar poetry. He died in 1967 in the Uda river while saving the drowning children. The first festival of original tourist songs named after Valery Grushin was organized in 1968 by the friends of Valery Grushin, who were his fellow-students ,members of the tourist section of Kuibyshev Institute of Aviation, and hikers of the city. The festival was a success, and it became a regular event. The members of the tourist section of Kuibyshev Institute of Aviation founded the Valery Grushin club some time later. B. Kelman is the founder and the leader of the club up to these days. The festival is held annually, except for the five years when it was banned. It is the biggest and the most famous festival of the guitar poetry, attended by more than a hundred thousand people each year.

The symbol of the festival is the night stage in the form of the guitar. Most renowned musicians play on this stage. Oleg Mityaev, a famous Russian musician, is a regular guest of the festival. The whole crowd sings along his songs. Musical life of the festival is complemented by entertainment program: various sports events, playgrounds, and “Gorod Masterov”. Besides the night stage, many other stages are organized where both amateur and professional bands and artists perform.

The participants and guests of the festival can easily find a place where to put up a tent. You can also buy necessary tourist equipment in the shops located nearby. There you can buy food and drinks for a reasonable price, too. Besides, there is an artesian well where you can get drinking water. The stages are equipped with quality sound equipment. Now, much attention is paid to the promotion of healthy lifestyle, which is why the festival includes numerous sports matches in football, volleyball ,and a tournament in orienteering.

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