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Street Arts Festival "Plasticine rain"

443041, Russia. Samara region. Samara, Krasnoarmeyskaya street 2.
+7 (960) 810-30-70

International Festival of Street Art "Plasticine rain" runce from 2011 in Samara Region. Inspirer and organizer of the festival of the same name made ​​Samara theater works in the genre of street art, mime, clowning for over 15 years. For three years, viewers could see the performances of more than 70 bands and artists, including artists from Germany, Australia, Hungary , Belarus, Italy, Spain . At the festival presents different genres of street art : street performances, dance performances, artists, musicians, clowns and Stilts . The festival is an annual event. Every year it becomes more ambitious. The festival annually visited by about 10,000 spectators, the entrance to the festival is free to all comers. The festival has been praised by the National Award for tourism event «Russian Event Awards» - in 2013 he was recognized as the best project in the field of culture.

The festival is traditionally held in a small, but very cozy "Strukovsky park" in the center of old Samara, near the banks of River Volga.

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