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Festival "Syzran Tomato"

Holiday "Syzransky tomato" noted in the urban district Syzran since 2001. Traditionally, it takes place in mid-August , when the glorious tomato vegetable gardeners keep up on beds and ready to show at its best . It is a dramatic event its main aim is to revive cultural traditions of fairs and city festivals mass covering different segments of the population and aimed at bringing people together. The objectives of the festival include: - the development and promotion of inter-regional cooperation; - establishment of public relations with the nearby settlements; demonstration in order to revive the highlights of the history of the county Syzransky ; - revival of cultural traditions and sharing them with festival participants . It should be noted that the project not only creates a socio- cultural event in the Samara region , but also offers technology advancing cultural resource Sizran urban district and the whole region to the Russian tourist market. The project offers : creation of a booklet about the holiday " Syzransky tomato "; production of promotional products (promo products ) bags, backpacks , various hats, shirts, textile packaging , POS materials ( boxes , packaging , stickers, decorative magnets , key rings , bookmarks and other souvenirs ); manufacture of articles relevant articles holiday masters of arts and crafts and handicrafts . In the long term development of the festival in 2013 and the organizers planned to obtain union network catering facilities ( the city's restaurants , bars , cafes , etc.) , in order to create their special ( special price ) " tomato menu " on the day of the holiday. At the moment, the organizers developed a competition among the catering facilities , the purpose of which is the selection of the best restaurants in the city for the organization of the "Feast of food ." Job restaurants winners involves the creation of original dishes ( tomato soup, tomato panini ( Italian sandwiches ) , salads, meat and fish dishes with tomatoes , pizza, pasta , ice cream, tomatoes, tomato cakes, tomato drinks, cocktails with a view to their sales during the holiday. The project will be a source of positive change , form a special space for urban districts Sizran, development of event tourism in the Samara region, thus contributing to the enrichment of the cultural potential of the area as a tourist product . Each year , the program of celebrations includes : - theatricality holiday tomatoes, ancient rites and customs associated with collecting the harvest; - fair representation ; - tasting tomato dishes; - "Holiday Food " - exhibition and sale of original dishes from tomato ( tomato soups , panini , tomato ice cream, cakes, pies , etc.); - "City of Masters " - exhibition and sale to conduct master classes in arts and applied arts , in basket weaving , Russian national embroidery , woodcarving , weaving , etc. - clearing competitions and merrymaking ; - performances of amateur and professional groups in the style of Russian folklore , the performance of folk songs ; Performance by members of the International Festival of Wind Music " Silver Trumpets Volga ."

Syzran tomato has long been the unofficial symbol of the city - our pride and glory. In his honor, the first time in 2001, was held a celebration that gathers on their sites more than 10 000 inhabitants of the city and a huge number of guests. It is known that tasty tomatoes grown on land Syzran , famous in the whole of Russia, and the city has a reputation for good reason tomato capital of the Volga region. Annually tomato extravaganza fills the entire city center. Squares and streets turn into impromptu alley with appetizing names; cafes, bars and restaurants include a special "tomato menu" for residents and guests a hospitable city Syzran. Today, after twelve seasons, we can safely say that the holiday has gained a unique and unmistakable look that is firmly entrenched in the public consciousness of citizens and visitors alike, "summer - heat - Holiday - the most delicious and juicy tomatoes!" Certainly contributed to achieving high performance and high level of professionalism of the organizers of the festival. Their greatest success is considered to be the creation and sufficient prominence in the Russian market bright tourism brand - holiday "Syzransky tomato".

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