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Martial Arts Festival “Nepobedimaya Derzhava”

Russia, Samara region, Tolyatti, Primorsky Boulevard, 49, Sports Complex"Olymp" , Sports Complex "Lada Arena"
+7 (8482) 72-75-52

This project exists since 2005. From year to year number of athletes increased, all new and new kinds of Martial Arts were involved in the competition program. During the Sports Festival competitions are run continuously for three days at 30 tatamies & rings. To date, the Sports Festival became one of the largest events of its kind in Russia. Within Festival competitions in all main kinds of Martial Arts have place (karate (WKF, WKC, IMAC-WKU), taekwondo (ITF, WTF), kiokusinkai, wushu, kobudo, combat Sambo, capoeira, aikido, keresh, hand-to-hand fighting, Greco-Roman wrestling). We plan to increase program of year 2013 by registration of new power record for Guinness World Records. The traditional and the most striking element of the closing ceremony is colorful Budo-show, which is a nationwide stage demonstration of Martial Arts culture of different countries. The coordinator of the Martial Arts Festival “Nepobedimaya Derzhava” is The Council of Sports Federations which is running the project in cooperation with the support of a lot of international federations & sport unions, Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation, Government of Samara region.

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