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Boat Show «VOLGA boat show»

Russia, Тolyatti, Komsomolskoye Shosse, 36, marina “Druzhba”.
+7 (495) 221-76-77 +7 (800) 700-22-31

The largest regional exhibition-forum malomernogo shipbuilding in Togliatti . Small shipbuilding industry in recent years has been developing in Russia fairly rapidly. Rising living standards allows representatives of the middle class to acquire motor and sailing vessels for various purposes and capacities ranging from a small fishing boat to an impressive houseboat .Target audience See and buy a yacht, boat or equipment for them at the show can show VOLGA BOAT show. You do not have to buy a pig in a poke : because the show will be on the water, you will be able to conduct a comparative test drive your favorite model .The event program The exhibition presents the sailing and motor yachts , appliances, equipment and accessories , cars and luxury goods . Among the exhibitors - organizations that provide a wide range of services in a variety of related areas : service and maintenance of vessels , charter , real estate, water sports and entertainment, yacht schools , tours, cruises , regattas , etc. If your ability to keep up until your needs , then right at the exhibition you can choose for themselves the best credit, insurance and leasing programs .

The main themes 

• Motor yachts and boats

• Sailboats • House Boats 

• Inflatable boats and 

• Equipment and accessories for ships 

• Equipment for water sports and recreation 

• Cars and luxury goods

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