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The Tiger Day

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok

Vladivostok has his trademark celebration. It's called the tiger's Day and is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. In the South of Primorye is the "velvet season" — the guaranteed warm and Sunny weather.

Invented the holiday in the late 1990s, Mr Trainin (1937-2006) — a seaside a writer, a hunter, a great lover and connoisseur of nature, the author of the books "tales of the whales" and "the year of the tiger". The occasion immediately caught on. Already in 2001 it received the status of official city events, from 2008 has become the regional festival and every year it is marked with increasing size.

In 2014, especially on a tiger Day, stretching for two days red-striped extravaganza, to Vladivostok there has arrived group "Bi-2". Personal greetings were sent by President Putin, have guests from other cities of Russia.

In celebration of the tiger Day is traditionally attended by locals of all ages.

The peculiarity of the holiday is the tiger March: a crowd of adults and children in striped costumes, with painted faces walk down Ocean Avenue to the Central square of the city. Here are sporting events, music, different contests, the citizens acquainted with the environmental organizations and their activities.

The tiger is the totem beast of Vladivostok. He is depicted on the emblem of the city, in the center of Vladivostok there are the tiger hill and the street brindle.

The number of sculptural images of a tiger appearing in different parts of Vladivostok, I think will exceed the number of living tigers. Among the most recent unveiling — touching the cubs on the Waterfront and adult animal at the Primorsky Opera and ballet theatre, sculpted by St. Petersburg sculptor-animal painter Vladimir Petrovicheva.

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