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Republic of Crimea
Map Of The Republic Of Crimea

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Crimea is an ancient land of the Cimmerians, Hellenes, Scythians, and Taurs. It is the homeland of Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War. According to legend, Dionysis taught mortals here how to grow grapes and make wine. Archaeological monuments describe the history of Crimea from primitive people to today. Crimea has always attracted people for health reasons; the combination of mountain and sea air, and the relict juniper groves invigorate without the need for any medical procedures.

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Севастополь Симферополь
Southern Federal Okrug of the RF Volgograd Oblast Astrakhan Oblast The Republic of Kalmykia The Republic of Adygea Krasnodar Krai Rostov Oblast The Republic of Crimea Sevastopol

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