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International fish festival "Kalakunda"

24 September in Petrozavodsk, in the floodplain of Lososinka, held an international fishing festival "Kalakunda" ("Kalakunda" - in translation from Karelian language means "a fish tribe") is one of the main cultural and tourist events of autumn in Karelia.

The objective of the International fishing festival "Kalakunda support and promotion of fisheries in the Republic of Karelia as one of the main resources for the economic and tourist development of the territory. The festival aims to show the importance of preserving the rich ethnic and cultural heritage of Karelia. In the preparation and conduct of the festival were involved in the Republican and municipal institutions of culture and additional education, trade enterprises and public catering, creative collectives and public organizations, fish farms and commercial companies.

In 2016, the festival was held in the framework of the international conference "Cultural drivers of modern cities", which is organized in the Republic of Karelia with support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Thanks to this, the geography of its participants has expanded considerably, and in the cultural program of the celebration was attended by circus artists from Finland.

The main event of the festival traditionally began competition fishing. On the eve of 23 September, the river was released in 150 tails trout grown in fish farms in Karelia.

On the eve of world tourism day (27 September) the Information tourist center the Republic of Karelia invited the festival guests to visit the charming "Tourist village". Here you can learn about the programs of active rest in Karelia, to be photographed with friendly husky dogs and get acquainted with the residence of talvi Ukko. In the "Tourist village" was an exhibition of equipment for water sports and tourism, organized by the Federation of rowing and Canoeing in the Republic of Karelia.

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