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Dzerzhinsky District, Nikola Lenivets village
+7 (495) 663-91-36

The Nikola Lenivets village started to become famous at the beginning of 2000’s thanks to painter Nikolai Polessky, who started to involve neighbourhood residents into the creation of land art. Sites were created of natural materials – snow, hay, osier and wood. This approach was supported and developed by the architectural and artistic community.


Since 2005, a festival of landscape sites “Archstoyanie” is held twice a year in Nikola Lenivets village. Russian and foreign architects are invited to create an open-air museum, a topic is selected. Beyond the Earth in 2009, Noah’s ark in 2008. The winter Archstoyanie traditionally coincides with the celebration of Carnival. The Archstoyanie festival includes scientific, practical and research part.


In Nikola Lenivets, the idea of art in its broadest sense is combined with the idea of construction of a new lifestyle. Art residences, workshops for small and large-scale architectural forms, environmental houses, a farm with its kitchen gardens and cattle, shops with fresh food – the dwellers of the Projects have to settle into this entire infrastructure. You can become dwellers for several days or weeks on a simple condition – participate in the development of the territory and leave something valuable and interesting after yourself. Guests will live in modern, houses organically fitting into the landscape with the Internet, having the opportunity to work in a computer, on the farm, in workshops or to dig seed beds, listen to art lectures or teach your children how to be closer to nature, create pictures or enjoy fresh air – in a word, to fill this space with life.


Nikola Lenivets is waiting not only for modern philanthropists, but also people, who are ready to contribute to the construction of a sustainable environment for life, which will be able to sustain itself afterwards. Having joined together, participants of the project attempt to create a new, conscious lifestyle, preserving natural and cultural heritage of Nikola Lenivets lands intact.

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