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To the north-west of the “cave town” Eski-Kermen, on the plateau of the adjacent cape, there is a tower with a gate – remains of the castle Kyz-Kule (“Maiden’s Tower”). 

Kyz-Kule is a typical medieval castle-fortress. In front of the tower there was a shallow ditch. People moved through it on a drawbridge, to which a road led fr om the south. Both the ditch and the road were cut in the rock. Fortress Kyz-Kule died from fire in XIV century. Only the tower remained, steeped in poetic legends and traditions... 

In the gorge, to the west of Kyz-Kule, there was a settlement in the Middle Ages. A small church was carved in one of the rocks of the gorge, wh ere fragments of fresco painting of XII-XIV centuries preserved. 

In the literature, this church is called the temple of Donators. It is believed that both the temple and the village in the gorge once belonged to the owners of Kyz-Kule. 

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