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ETNOMIR – open-air museum

the Kaluga region, Borovsky district, Petrovo village Phone: (495) 627-51-90
(495) 710-7344; (495) 627-5190

Is there any of us, who does not dream to see the world with their own eyes? Now everyone has such opportunity! In the culture and education tourist centre ETNOMIR located almost on the border of the Kaluga and Moscow region, you will fully feel all the diversity of the world, in which we live. ETNOMIR is a unique project: a diminished model of the diverse planet of people is created in the territory of about 90 hectares. Prospectively, these are 52 ethnic yards, each of which represents culture of some people and includes harmonically arranged ethnic buildings: a hotel house, workshops of crafts, a museum, a traditional restaurant, a souvenir shop and other structures conveying the colour of traditional life. Each such ethnic yard has a keeper of traditions, he may provide true-to-fact information about invaluable culture of his people expressed in household and holidays, crafts, folklore and mythology, architecture and history, traditions of popular cuisine, treatment procedures. Scientists and ethnologists from different countries participate in the creation of ethnic yards. The main principle of ETNOMIR is common equality of cultures regardless of the level of economic development or international status of the host-country. The project will be finalised by 2020.


ETNOMIR includes the Peace Street trade and exhibition complex, a cultural and education centre, an innovation centre and a dendrological park are being built.

 Currently, ETNOMIR offers the following services: accommodation, food, tours and education programmes, animation games, combined programmes “One day in ETNOMIR”, corporate recreation, banquets, cocktails, basket lunches and many other things.  This is a wonderful place for family and corporate recreation. Any guest of ETNOMIR may feel all the atmosphere and culture of one or another country by settling in a cosy ethnic house: just imagine yourself in a felt yourt, chum or Indian tipi.

 Apart from numerous tours, master classes and games organised near each ethnic yard, visitors of ETNOMIR have sports grounds, a rock-climbing wall, a ropes course, four-wheelers, segways, golf carts, husky riding, etc. You can enjoy special tours in ETNOMIR: Tour of Ethnic Cultures and Cultural Holiday. Beside programmes of weekend and weekday programmes, ETNOMIR holds different festivals. For the second year in turn, ETNOMIR organises the international music art festival Mamakabo, which is attended by the best Russian and foreign musicians from all parts of the world.

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