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Arbat Str.

Unique excursion in which course stay capitals is offered to your attention can get acquainted with one of the most interesting and mysterious areas of Moscow. Old Arbat - foot street in the city center, one of the most ancient, is known since 14 centuries. Its houses and street - history of Moscow. Passing on its curves, truly Moscow lanes, your visitors will glance in remained court yard, will admire private residences.

The attention will be involved with the big timbered Russian log hut with carved platbands, крылечком, freakish eaves. Have made it in the end of 19 centuries under A.Guna's project. Known Moscow businessm A.Porohovshchikov was the customer. In other Arbat lane there is a house which has affected development of world architectural thought, on it articles are written, to the dissertation, books. In 18 century Arbat area was chosen by hereditary Russian nobility with sonorous surnames. In 19 century the nobility was pressed by prosperous merchant class, and also well-founded intelligency - doctors, lawyers, teachers. Always on Arbat lived and there live artists, poets, actors. On Arbat roadway Pushkin, Tolstoy, Yesenin, Okudzhava in due time walked, is an original symbol of old Moscow.

If you want that your visitors have really felt soul of Moscow, result them on Arbat. During excursion they will get acquainted with history and architecture of Arbat, its monuments and sights, learn about the State academic theater of E.Vahtangova and a monument to princess Turandot, Pushkin's Memorial apartment on Arbat and building of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
In 1986 this street, the first in Moscow, have made foot, new restaurants and cafe have opened, there were sidewalk artists and musicians. Your visitors can sit in cafe, order the portrait and buy souvenirs - nested dolls which here are presented in an exclusive variety.

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