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Monastery in Shamordino

the Kaluga region, Kozelsky district, Shamordino 8 (484) 422-61-62
+79158941680 8 (484) 422-61-62

The creation of Kazan Saint Ambrose nunnery in Shamordino village was related to the activities of hieroschemamonk, Blessed Ambrose, Elder of the Saint Presentation Optina Pustyn, who participated in the creation of several nunneries, mainly for socially deprived women in 1870-1880. Money for their construction was donated by the richest Moscow merchant, teat trader Perlov (owner of well-known “Chinese tea house” on Myasnitskaya in Moscow).


Apart from the main Kazan Temple astounding by its scale and beauty, a burial vault, a refectory, a hospital, a building for sisters, a “case” for Ambrose’s cell were constructed. There was a school, printing house, handicraft, photography, painting, embossing, gold-plating and other workshops at the Pustyn. Ambrose organised charity institutions in the Shamordino monastery: a shelter for 60 orphan girls, a shelter for 10 disabled, a poorshouse for women, a hospital for the poor with free treatment and drugs, a hospitium. He died here in his cell on 10 October 1891. The monastery was intended for 500 nuns and 700 obedients.

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