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Church of Protection “on the Moat”

the Kaluga region, Kaluga, Marata Street, 4
(4842) 57-53-06

According to records of 1626, the Church of Protection “on the Moat” is shown in the old dungeon as a wooden church. Later it became a stone church. Only in 1889 it was dismantled and replaced by a new one, which was installed slightly higher than the previous one. Malinin described it as a small one-done temple. There were several icons in the church, most prominent among them: the icon of the Protection of the Mother of God, the icon of Exaltation, the icon of Gurias, Samonas and Abibus, which was especially respected by brides, and other sanctities.


The Church of Protection richly decorated with brick patternwork was built in 1687. The complex cornice supporting several decorative corbel arches with orgee top, window architraves with lush gablets are very characteristic for Russian architecture of the first half of the XVII century. This church is one of the most well-preserved structures of that period, it was almost not reconstructed. The temple has been fully reconstructed, services in it are regular.

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