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-Tikhonova Pustyn

249842, -the Kaluga region, Dzerzhinsky District, Leo Tolstoy village
8(48434) 4-43-11


Tikhonova Pustyn, Friary of the Assumption, is a rather large monastery complex, which has unfortunately not preserved ancient architectural monuments. Sergei Bulgakov described the monastery in his work “Russian Monasteries in 1913”: “Tikhonova Pustyn of the Assumption, cenobitic, without material support of the state, on the bank of the Vopreyka River, in 18 versts from Kaluga. Was built in 1585 by Blessed Tikhon Medynsky; devastated in 1610; restored during the reign of Mikhail Fyodorovich”.


Very soon, the monastery became well-known and mighty and plain church-goers started to honour it. There are documentary evidences confirming that Ivan the Terrible donated the New Testament to the monastery. Building of the monastery remained wooden for a long time, construction of stone started in the second half of the XVIII century. Sometime later, the magnificent Temple of the Assumption was built in the Byzantine style (now fully restored). In 1894, a five-tier bell-tower with bell ringing was built near the temple. Now bells are removed from the bell-tower because of its ramshackle state, the building is being restored. The monastery complex is fenced by massive fortress walls, sections of which have not preserved from the side of the river and were replaced by new ones.


There was a hexagonal pier-like chapel within several steps from the monastery, which was erected in 1838 above remains of the oak, in the hollow of which, according to the legend, Blessed Tikhon martyred in prayers and silence.


There is a sacred well dug out by Blessed Tikhon in three versts from the monastery; a wooden church in the Byzantine style in honour of the icon of Holy Virgin Mary “Life-giving spring” was built here in 1887.


It should be added that Tikhonova Pustyn of Kaluga is a specially honoured place for pilgrimage and worship today – there is a silver shrine with the relics of Blessed Tikhon of Kaluga in the monastery.


There is a spiritual and historical museum created by efforts of monks and inhabitants of the nearby Leo Tolstoy village at the monastery.

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