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-Health and recreation resort Signal

-the Kaluga region, Obninsk, Samsonovsky passage, 10a Phones: (48439) 3-37-78, 3-03-61, fax: (48439) 3-63-45
8 (48439) 3-37-78, 3-03-61

The health resort is located in an environmentally clean woodland park area on the outskirts of Obninsk, clean and landscaped city, 100 km to the south of Moscow, on the bank of a picturesque river Protva with a sandy beach. An apple garden, a forest, meadows are located near the health resort. A ski trail with a bar lift is located in four hundred metres from the health resort.


  • cosy comfortable double rooms in 2-room blocks with conveniences per block
  • modern deluxe and junior suites

 Each floor is equipped with places for leisure with colour TV sets in spacious green halls.



  • musculoskeletal system
  • cardiovascular system
  • respiratory organs (of nontuberculous nature)
  • digestive apparatus
  • endocrine system
  • metabolic disturbances
  • nervous system


  • bar with billiard in the evening and at night
  • nursery for children with a caregiver (10.00 – 22.00)
  • cultural programme: regular concert programmes, Club of the Funny and Inventive, evenings with a bayan-player, karaoke in Russian
  • library
  • video room every day
  • organisation of school teaching for children
  • transportation services (on request)
  • city-to-city phone
  • parking lot

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