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Health and recreation resort Sokol

Farm Rozhdestvenskiye prudi the Kaluga region, Kaluga, Rozhdestveno Village Phones: (4842) 57-42-88, 57-87-53
(4842) 72-53-83, 72-53-84

The health resort is located 6 km away from Kaluga, in the territory of a pine wood. Forest with berries and mushrooms, clean air, magnificent nature will let your children have a good rest and restore their forces.

By a car or by public transport to Kaluga. Then in the direction of Annenki residential district, turn left before the traffic lights after the bus stop of Annenki Sports Complex and drive 200 metres to the Health resort Sokol.


Two three-storey buildings were built for accommodation of holidaymakers. Accommodation options:

double, quadruple rooms with all conveniences;

double rooms with conveniences on the floor, a TV set in the lobby.

Guests are offered well-equipped houses “Hunting Club”, “Hunter’s Hive”, “Forester’s”: double and triple rooms with soft furniture, a WC, a TV set, a shower cabin and equipped kitchen with a refrigerator. There is Russian bath in “Hunting Club” and “Hunter’s Hive” houses. You can also stay in Ohotnik hotel: triple rooms with a TV set, a WC, a shower cabin, a table, chairs, bed tables, a wardrobe. House with bath per day – 7800 roubles, without bath – 5200 roubles.




4-lane swimming pool;

a gym with a billiard and tennis table;

tennis court;

sports grounds;

club-canteen with an audience hall for 360 persons with wide screen equipment;


dancing room;

ski rent.



circulatory system diseases;

chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract;

nervous system diseases;

musculoskeletal system;

gastrointestinal tract diseases.



therapeutic muds of Krainka resort;

baths: pine, pine and gas bubble, carbon dioxide, iodide-bromine, sea, turpentine;

douches: circular, rising, underwater douche-massage;

physiotherapeutic procedures: quartz crystal, ultrahigh frequency and microwave therapy, short-wave therapy, ultrasound, amplipulse therapy, galvanic stimulation and medical ionization, electrically induced sleep, diadynamic therapy, laser therapy

inhalations: oil, alkaline and oil, therapeutic

manual massage

therapeutic exercises

herbal therapy


Organisation of weddings, banquets, anniversaries and other festive events.

There are roofed grounds with a wood-fired grill to organise events outdoors in the territory of the base (rent of a ground for 12 persons – from 2200 roubles)

Guarded parking lot

There is an equipped beach, a playground for volleyball and mini football, there are water bikes and twin-hulled vessels.

Biathlon hunting competitions are organised.

Paint ball.

There is a mini zoo in the territory of the base, where you can see bears, foxes, badgers, wild pigs. You can look at these animals, as well as feed them.

Fishing enthusiasts may try their hand in the lake.

Exhibitions of hunting dogs are regularly organised in Rozhdestvenskiye prudi. Baying and testing services (bear, wild pig, fox, badger) are proposed to their owners.

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