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Juma mosque

367000, The Republic of Daghestan, the city of Makhachkala, Ul. Dahadaeva 136

 In the centre of Makhachkala is located a marvelous monument of Oriental architecture, one of the largest mosques in Europe - the mosque of Yusuf Bey Jami. The construction of the Juma mosque in Makhachkala was held with the participation of Turkish masters on the model of the Blue mosque in Istanbul. The difference of the mosque of Makhachkala from its prototype is that it is made in white colours. Now the Central Juma mosque is one of the biggest in Europe.

The mosque consists of: 1 dome, 4 semi-domes, 2 minarets height of 42 meters. At noon every Friday, the Muslim community is going in the mosque for congregational prayers. It gave her such a name. The thing is, "Juma mosque" in Arabic translates as "Friday" or mosque. This leads to her size. The mosque is the biggest, because they must accommodate a huge number of people.

Also, these mosques are architectural value. Began the construction of a mosque in 1996, of course, it is not immediately found its splendor. Originally, it contained no more than 8 thousand parishioners. During the holidays and at Friday prayers wishing to attend the service were very many. There have been cases there was not enough space on the square in front of the mosque. It was decided to extend the Church, the townspeople decided to collect funds for this purpose. In 2005 began the reconstruction. Now the area of the Juma mosque can accommodate up to 15 thousand parishioners. Every day the city with its two minarets spread the call to prayer - azan. In prayer parishioners gather in the main sanctuary of Makhachkala.

The green wool carpet on the first floor there are men (worshippers take their places respectively the patterns applied to the carpet, in the form of horizontal stripes). There is also a shelf with the sacred books, in Russian and Arabic, and a rosary. The female half is located on the second floor balcony. Here is the red carpet where the women are praying. Juma mosque painted scenes from the Koran and various patterns. Columns, arches and vaults are also decorated with patterns. Damask chandelier in the mosque - true works of art. The weight of the largest of them reaches a ton. 

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