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The Chamber’s of Averky Kirillov

Bersenevskaya nab,20

The chambers of Duma’s Clerk Averky Kirillov build in 1656-1657 make one of the most well-known dwellings of the 17th century. The rooms’ layout, an entrance system with a magnificent porch, and brick decoration with glazed tiles remind the main motive of the Teremnoy Palace. Framed windows and doors made the main decorative element of the dwelling architecture of the 17th century. They used to be the main accents of the décor of such buildings. The chambers have different projections and depressions that follow the room’s layout. Picturesque dynamics of asymmetrical composition was especially appreciated in that time period. In the 18th century, an additional risalit with a main staircase decorated according to the con.

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