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Apartment Building of M. N. Miansarova

12/12 Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square

The apartment building of M. N. Miansarova was built as a project of the famous architect Sergey Konstantinovich Rodionov from 1908-1913, and has been wonderfully preserved to our day.  It is counted as an item of cultural heritage.

The Miansarova building has a wonderful appearance - a mix of neo-Russian style and ideas of the Modern.  Sharply emphasized vertical lines and the visual division of the roof into separate elements gives the house a lighter, more modern look.

On top of this, characteristic properties of neo-Russian style are preserved - flamboyant contrasting colors, colored ceramic trim, and the use of tiled inserts in the paneling of the arches.

Before the revolution, there were shops on the first floors of the building, and today the purpose of the recently restored building hasn't changed - as before, on the first floors are shops and the rest have apartments.

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