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Building of the Mayor’s Office

13, Tverskaya Street

Building of the Mayor’s Office, across the street fr om the memorial to Yuriy Dolgoruky, is situated in the middle of Tverskaya Street before the descent to Manezhnaya Ploschad. 

The building was first the mansion of the Moscow general-governor, which was built in 1782 as a project of M.F. Kazakov for the Count Z.G. Chernyshyov, the then head of Moscow government.  The lower historical level of the building was constructed using stone taken during the disassembling of the walls of White City. In 1790 the building was bought by the treasury and it remained the residence of the governor until 1917.

In 1792 a square was built in front of the governor's house for the daily changing of the guard.  At the time of the French occupation (1812), the building suffered heavy damage from fire.

In 1939 the 18th century historical building, wh ere the Mossovet is now located was moved 13.6 meters deeper into the neighborhood and from 194 - 1946 it was made two stories (architect D. Chechulin with the participation of M. Posokhin, M. Bogolepov and G. Vulfson).  In 1946 an ironwork gate was installed to the left of the building.

The building is preserved in red and white tones although in the beginning it was orange and white.  The central part of the building is divided by an eight-columned portico with a gable.  A portal is located underneath the gable, reminiscent of a triumphal arc.

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