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Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

4/31, Triumphalnaya Square
+7 (495) 232-53-53

The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall is one of the largest concert halls ofMoscow. Since the beginning of ХХI century, it was represented as the main concert areas of the Moscow Philharmonic Society. A lot of concerts (approximately 300 per year) take place in the hall, and hundred thousands of citizens and guests visit it. The Moscow Philharmonic Society performs the whole palette of concerts and festivals, which become larger and more diverse each year, in the hall. Following festivals take place here: "Russian Winter", "Guitar Virtuosos" , and "Nine centuries of Organ". Also, such music cycles are performed here: "Opera Masterpieces", "Great Oratorios", "European Virtuosos in Moscow", and "World Opera Stars in Moscow". Such events of the concert life define creative image ofMoscowsignificantly. The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall constantly extends its activity regarding young audience. Here, new cycles and forms of work with young audience, including interactive, are appeared alongside with traditional subscription.

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