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St. Basil's Cathedral

Red Square

Vasily Blazhennogo's cathedral not only the main temple of Red Square, but also symbol of all Russia. It is constructed in 1555-1561 under Ivan the Terrible decree in honor of a capture of the Kazan khanate. Storm of Kazan has begun on October, 1st, 1552, on Pokrova Bozhiej Materi's holiday, therefore "the official" name of a temple - a temple of the Cover of Bozhiej of Mother.

The cathedral represents symmetric ensemble from eight churches surrounding the central church, topped with a tent. Each of eight churches is named in honor of sacred, in whose day there was this or that significant event of the Kazan campaigns of Ivan the Terrible. Central it is devoted Pokrova Bozhiej Materi's which have entitled all temple the holiday. Churches are topped by elegant domes-onions. In total in a cathedral nine iconostases in which is about 400 icons XVI-XIX of centuries. Cathedral walls are decorated by frescos. Also there it is possible to admire portrait and landscape painting, church utensils. Among especially valuable exhibits - потир a XVII-th century, belonging to tsar Alexey Mihajlovichu.

The set of legends is connected with a cathedral. Originally on this place stood белокаменный a temple where foolish Vasily Blazhennyj esteemed in Moscow has been buried. Ostensibly he raised money for the future cathedral, brought them on Red Square and threw through the right shoulder. These coins and lay on the earth inviolable while the foolish before death hasn't given to their Ivan the Terrible on cathedral building.

The architects who have constructed a cathedral, the annals specifies certain Barmu and Postnika Jakovleva. However there is a theory that actually there was one master - Ivan Jakovlevich Barma nicknamed Postnickname for adherence to a strict post. The legend as if having seen a wonderful temple is known, Ivan the Terrible has enjoined to blind masters that they haven't repeated more anywhere the masterpiece. But it, more likely, a myth as and further the Postnickname name meets in annals in connection with creation of other remarkable architectural monuments.

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