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Moscow Choral Synagogue

10, Bolshoy Spasoglintsevskiy Lane
+7(495) 940-55-56

Synagogue in Bolshoy Spasoglintsevskiy Lane (former Arkhipov Street) is a poster child for the fact what synagogue means in Russia.

It appeared due to tsar-reformer Alexander the Second, who had allowed Jews, first of all merchants of the 1st guild, living and working outside pale of settlement, including capital cities.

Territory of Spasoglintsevskiy Lane was chosen by the Moscow Community not by chance: A community called "Jewish ghetto" in Moscow daily use was formed around here, in Glebovskoye metochion in Zaryadye. Laying of the foundation stone of the Jewish prayer house took place on 28 May 1887: a stone capsule with a bond letter was mounted in the Eastern wall of the building.

The Soviet power closed the synagogue in August 1923, a part of its possession was transferred to "Tekstilstroy", and another part was transferred for a reserve metro pit in 1960.

Nevertheless, the synagogue continued its life going underground or returning from it. In 1970-1980, Arkhipov Street was a place for meeting of denied persons and listeners from underground yeshivahs (religious schools). In 1990, the synagogue hadn't place to accept all desirous persons in the Great Holidays: the old synagogue in Spasoglintsevskiy Lane became an actual place for meetings for Moscow Jews.

Currently, the Choral Synagogue is the center of Jewish life, and not only Ashkenazi Community is located here, but also communities of Mountain and Georgian Jews.

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