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Memory Temple (Memory Synagogue) at the Hill of Respectful Salutation

53, Kutuzovskiy Avenue
+7 (499) 148-19-07

The Memory Synagogue, as well as St. George the Victorious Temple and Memory Mosque, is included in the complex of the Hill of Respectful Salutation. Its opening took place later than all, in October 1998, and it was symbolizing contribution of Hebrews (as well as Christians and Muslims) in the Great Victory.

Building of the Memory Temple, known as "Synagogue at the Hill of Respectful Salutation", was built and opened solemnly on 2 September 1998 with presence of the President of Russia.

Before opening, exposition of an exhibition related to Jewish history and Holocaust was performed at the ground floor and in the gallery of the prayer hall. The building was operated as museum just after opening. Its exposition includes materials on Jews history from the time of their resettlement in Russia. Visitors of the museum can know many new things about participation of Jews in economic development if the country and defense of its frontier; on life of Jews in pale of settlement; on massacres and persecutions; and on Catastrophe of European Jewry in years of the war. Materials on Nazi policy of irreversible decision of Jewish issue, tragic doom of prisoners from ghetto and death camps. Excursions and lectures are an integral part of the museum work.

Orthodox public prayers associated with Jewish holidays took place in the synagogue. Saturdays, the premise is provided for representatives of Jewish reformist movement led by Z.L. Kogan for their meetings since 11 a.m.

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