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The Donskoi Stauropegial Monastery

1-3 Donskaya square
+7 (495) 952-14-81

The Monastery was founded in 1591 in honor of Donskoi icon of Our Lady, redeemed Moscow from the troops of Khan Giray Kazi, marching at the place of of ambulatory church, where he kept the icon. The Cathedral Ven. Sergius of Radonezh blessed this icon of prince Dmitry Donskoi on the Kulikov battle. The architectural ensemble of the monastery include Small (XVI c), and large churches (XVII century) in honor of Donskoi icon of Our Lady, Gate Church of the icon of Tikhvinskoy Our Lady Tikhvin (XVIIIv.), hospital church of the Archangel Michael (XVIII cent.), The church of holy. Tikhon, Patriarch of All Russia (XX century), and the the Church of the Martyr George the Victorious (XX century), temples, tombs and other buildings. Since XVII century the monastery becomes famous for its necropolis, where are buried the Georgian king David, P. Chaadayev, A. Bove, B.Klyuchevsky, General A. Denikin, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others. The shrines of the Monastery are: Icon of Our Lady Donskaya XVI cent., the reliquary of holy. Tikhon, Patriarch of All Russia, revered icons Mother of God "Fedorovskaya" and "The Omen",mosaic icon, holy. Nicholas, the tomb of the martyr Yakov Polozov and others.

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