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Ioann the Baptist Women’s Monastery

2 Maly Ivanovsky Lane
+7 (495) 624-01-50, +7 (495) 624-54-91, +7 (495) 624-75-21

Ivanovsky Convent was founded in the late 15th century. It was completely destroyed by fire in 1812 and dismantled, but later restored. It gave its name to the Moscow district of Ivanovskaya Hill. It was closed during the Soviet era and restored in 2002. The architectural ensemble of the monastery consists of the Cathedral of the Beheading of Ioann the Baptist, the Church of Elizabeth the Martyr, and the chapel of Ioann the Baptist, gateway bell towers, cells with refectory, a fence, gates and some other buildings from the 19th century are also located in the monastery.

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