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Tverskoy Boulevard

Tverskoy Boulevard

Petrovsky Boulevard traverses the 449 meters between Strastnoi Boulevard and Trubnaya Square. Of note is that the row of houses here has gone practically unchanged since the beginning of the 20th century. The boulevard was laid at the beginning of the 19th century where Belyi Gorod's walls stood until the 1780s. At that time, a hotel was built between the boulevard and Petrovka Street. A fire in 1812 destroyed many of the boulevard's homes and trees. In 1818, the boulevard was restored. In the 1880's a horsecar ran along the boulevard, and in 1911 it was replaced by a tram. In early 1941, a trolleybus replaced the tram. In 1947, the boulevard was outfitted with beautiful iron railings, and the entrance to it from Trubnaya Square was decorated with two granite pedestals with iron vessels. In 1963, the tram line was removed from the boulevard. From 1999 to 2000, house number 12 and several homes at the end of the boulevard (nos. 23-31) were demolished and and replaced with modern replicas. 

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