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Pokrovsky and Yauzsky Boulevards

Pokrovsky and Yauzsky Boulevards

The youngest is Pokrovsky Boulevard and the most secluded is-Yauzsky. The current Pokrovsky Boulevard consists of two parts separated by the road in front of Kazarmennyi Lane. The boulevard only expanded north of this road after the war, and earlier, from Khokhlovskaya Square to Kazarmennyi Lane, stretched the wide-open training ground of the Pokrovsky Barracks. Prior to 1891, when a narrow road was constructed on the exposed side of the boulevard, the training ground immediately abutted the barracks building, and Pokrovsky Boulevard was connected to Khokhlovskaya Square by a narrow lane that passed through the interior of the complex. Both the first and the second lane, however, fit perfectly into the ring, adding their own particular charm. Yauzsky Boulevard is also isolated from all the busy highways and is constantly getting smaller.

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