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Vorobyevskaya Embankment

Vorobyevskaya Embankment

Vorobyevskaya (Sparrow) Embankment owes its name to Vorobyevy Gory — the high right-hand bank of the Moscow River, across from the Luzhnikovskaya Bend, is one of the “seven hills” of Moscow. Vorobyevy Gory stretches from the mouth of the Setun River to Andreevsky Bridge of the Moscow Railway's Small Ring. The embankment arose in 1911, when work began on the creation of a park on the slope of Vorobyevy Gory Hills and the bank of the Moscow River. In August of 1958, two arches were transported along the embankment on pontoons for the construction of Luzhnetsky Metro Bridge. In 1960-1961, a modern embankment with walkways, flower gardens and a marina for river vessels appeared. From January of 2002, cable cars from the embankment to an observation deck began operation. 

Vorobyevskaya Embankment begins after Setunsky Bridge and runs along Vorobyevy Gory and is home to a water-transport station from which ships leave regularly for trips along the Moscow River. You can get to the embankment by stairs from metro station "Vorobyevy Gory". Or, you may wish to start by visiting the Moscow State Botanical Garden, exit onto the observation deck and, after enjoying the view, descend onto Vorobyevskaya Embankment.

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