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Nikitsky Boulevard

Nikitsky Boulevard

Further down, we arrive at Nikitsky Boulevard, which in 1950 was briefly renamed Suvorovsky Boulevard but the name never stuck. It merges with Moscow's most famous boulevard, Tverskaya, with which, as we remember, construction on the ring began. Each walk along this boulevard is a trip into three centuries of history. The name Nikitsky has a long history, dating back to a homonymous convent that was located here. The convent was closed in the mid-1920s and its buildings demolished in 1933 except for the framework of the cells. In 1935, an Moscow Metro electrical substation was built where the convent once stood (Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street No. 7). Belyi Gorod's gates were named after Nikitsky Convent. At the end of the 17th century, the walls and gates of Belyi Gorod were torn down. Later on, where the walls once stood boulevards were laid. Nikitsky Gates lent their name to Nikitsky Boulevard.