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Shkolnaya Street

Shkolnaya Street

A historical and cultural monument, the ensemble of Rogozhskaya Yamskaya Settlement includes a 19th century building on Shkolnaya Street in central Moscow, of which a part is a pedestrian zone.

Shkolnaya Street is an original, open-air museum that partially preserves the building of Rogozhskaya Settlement of the 19th century. The modern name appeared in 1923, previously called Telezhnaya Street (“relating to carts”), and then 1st Rogozhskaya Street, thus the name Rogozhskaya Yamskaya (“relating to coachmen”) Settlement. Shkolnaya Street begins from Dobrovolcheskaya, heads west parallel to Sergei Radonezhsky Street, crosses Bolshaya and Malaya Andronevskaya, and comes out onto Rogozhsky Val Street in the area of Rogozhskaya Zastava Square.

House numbers 12-48 on Shkolnaya Street are connected with the 19th century and have a similar structure of two storeys and mandatory gates for horses, because this is where carts stopped while going along the road to Vladimir.

The majority of the yamshiki coachmen residents of the Rogozhskaya Settlement were Old Believers, which left its imprint on the lives of residents of this historic district. Old Believers followed a strictly traditional way of life, marked by regular order. In the late 19th century, the yamshiki coachmen were not able to compete with the railway and many went bankrupt; the street went into terminal decline after a great fire that occurred in 1886.

Currently, the Centre for Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments is located in house number 48 (built in 1825) and the Regional Public Fund for Supporting Culture and Art in house number 29.

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