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The Church of Christ's Birth

The church of Christ's Birth is a spacious brick church built in 1860-1871 by the merchant N.Lagutin in place of the 1767 building. It is similar in design to models of Russian-Byzantine style. The church constitutes a one-cupola (five-cupola in the past) four-pillar tetrahedron with a refectory and a bell-tower. It has the main altar of the Savior Not Made by Hands and the other altars: Christorozhdestvenskiy, Vozdvizhenskiy, Tikhvinskiy and Panteleimonovskiy. The church was closed in the first half of 1930s. In 2004 it was returned to the believers and repaired. Nowadays it is a daughter church of Yelets Znamensky Convent.

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