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The church of Presentation of the Holy Virgin


The church of Presentation of the Holy Virgin in the Temple was the parish church for Yelets Cossacks. Its first wooden predecessor, “the priest Leontiy's building”, was erected in the late 16th century simultaneously with the new Yelets fortress. The church was first mentioned in the documents as existing in 1615. The present stone building was constructed “with the help of the landlords Danilov” in 1740-1761.
The famous method of Russian wood architecture “an octagon on a tetrahedron” was used in its architecture: an octagonal shell was put on a square shell and then a hipped roof was erected. The general mounting was made in the baroque style. The church acquired its present appearance after several reconstructions.
The church of the Presentation is the most ancient architectural monument of the middle 18th century that came to us without important changes of its main structures and architectural decorum.
The church was closed in 1938 and in 1992 it was returned to the believers

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