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This building was built in the XIX century, just at the time in Nizhny Novgorod there was a famous Fair. However, the building was constructed at the end of the century, when the Fair for many years were conducted close to the Bottom. This is not the first building of the Main Fair house that previously stood here of the casing A. Betancourt, first architect of the Fair, but due to the nature of the ground had to be dismantled. The place, of course, could not long be empty. Nizhny Novgorod Fair was the event the state level and without the Main Fair building would look not solid. Naturally, the competition was announced in the capital, and it won the architect K. P. Treiman, also attended G. A. Trombitsky, A. I. von Gogen. It is not difficult to understand those who claimed this project: it is fully compliant with noisy colorful spirit of the Fair. Fair house externally, is a miniature ancient city, where you can see the towers, tall hipped roof of the chambers and their patterned decoration. And architectural elements used are typical of Ancient Russia: bobs-visage, kokoshniks, fly In the external appearance of the building you can feel the mood of the late nineteenth century: an appeal to national sources, the architecture of Ancient Russia. But the building was original to Nizhny Novgorod, remains the same and now. The first floor housed the office of the chief of the province, club and restaurants. Also on the ground floor were transformed into the stores, but the stores special for those years: they were selling luxury goods: silk fabrics, ladies ' and men's toilets, jewelry. In the evening, this gallery of shops is brightly illuminated by the lights, there was music. you should come here for shopping, and on dates, and just listen to music. And in the side parts of the building housed various city services: police, magistrate's court, the housing Commission, the office of the commercial Bank, part of the fire brigade. Apparently, the appearance of the building has its effects: never in the history of existence is not located here, nothing ordinary. In the Soviet years, there was a famous shop "Children's world", so that children began his acquaintance with architectural monuments simultaneously with pakupaku shoes and coats. 1990.here the building returned to its former name, and he became again the Main Fair house. And everything is back to normal: located here, but the music does not play in the evenings and on dates here not invited. And the Main Fair house has become almost the entire Fair (around only a few modern pavilions) in Addition, the building is used for Grand receptions. For this purpose there are all conditions in the armorial hall. Now in the Main Fair house, in addition to shops, you'll be one of the youngest museums of Nizhny Novgorod - the Museum of entertaining science "Quarks". This feature and tradition of Nizhny Novgorod: all the fun and informative to present at the Fair,so the location of the Museum of natural.

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