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Military-Ossetian road, since ancient times has played an important role in the relations of the North and South Caucasus. To control a busy highway to well-trodden paths Ossetia was built with a wall covered with iron gate, peregorazhivanie the road. In the middle ages (until the XVII-XVIII centuries) at these roadblocks, the local rulers collected from passing to file. In alagirsky gorge are the ruins of two such outposts in front of the village of BIZ, on the right Bank of the Ardon, and Sylin douar" (translated from the Ossetian – Curve door) – Kassirskiy in the gorge.

According to the tradition wall, peregorazhivanie Kasersky the gorge was wide and about 6 meters located inside outbuildings.

Still in the ruins Gusarskoy customs Outpost you can observe the remains of the forges, which, apparently, served placed a military garrison.


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