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Kamunta village is located in the upper reaches of the Digor gorge on the left Bank of the river Comicon in the so-called region Uallagkom (translated from the Ossetian – Top gorge).

In ancient times the territory of Camonte was a settlement related to the culture of the bronze and iron ages, so – called Koban culture (XIII/XII – III centuries BC). Directly Kamenskoe settlement to treat podnebesova era.

Around the village, archaeologists discovered a variety of burial grounds, where, among other artifacts, was found the famous bronze figure of a deer. Kubanskih in addition, there are archaeological monuments of culture Alan V/VI – XI centuries. In the catacomb burials of tribal nobility Alan discovered ceramics, jewelry, fragments of ornamented fabrics, gold ornaments and coins from different regions of the world: Byzantine V—IX centuries, VI century Sasanian and Abbasid silver dirhams of the eighth century.

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