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The old courtyard of Gum

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Svetlanskaya str., 35

Gum building – this is one of the symbols of Maritime trade multinational souls "Porto-Franco" in 1884 there was opened a trading house on an unprecedented scale "Kunst and Albers", where they sold the most necessary for life — matches, salt, tea, sugar, weapons and vodka.

In Soviet times the GUM was the main store of the city, courtyard located warehouses and lived as a guard dog.

After more than 130 years the area was cleared and ennobled, and the premises given to local tenants from different areas. According to the creators of the "Yard", its residents are caring citizens with a strong desire to change the environment around themselves, while maintaining the same spirit of Vladivostok.

For example, the bar-club "Contraband", barely opened, was the venue for performances by local bands, and even the most non-commercial projects had to be noted on its stage. The concerts take place on Fridays and Saturdays.

Youth hostel Mattress, the sailor and the Albatross" has all chances to become the most popular means of temporary accommodation of guests of the city. Barber, "Good" is open to not only local residents but also foreign tourists, and administrators — bilingual in English and Chinese.

The gastronomic sector is represented by three institutions. First, it is American diner (quick service restaurant) already been recognized as citizens of the Duo "Shonkel" where fast food mixed with your own creative ideas and making burgers with ingredients from the farm.

Next door is the city's aklera Flash. Located close to the network coffee house "Caffeine". In addition, in the "Yard" will be opened souvenir shop, show-room of the Vladivostok designers, a cafe and bakery.

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