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Russian bridge

Primorsky Kray, Vladivostok, island Russian

Russian bridge thrown across the sea the Bosphorus Strait East. It connects the mainland with the Peninsula Nazimova Cape novosilsky on the island of Russian. The bridge has the following specifications: height of pylons 324 m (2nd highest in the world), the span length of 1 104 km (the longest at the time in the world), the total length of 3,100 m, the height above the water of 70 m.

The bridge on island Russian have started to build in 2008. Its construction was included in the plan of preparation of Vladivostok to APEC summit 2012 in the framework of the program "Development of Vladivostok as international cooperation center in the Asia Pacific region". The bridge pylons, the shape and the image have similarity with the letter A. the Guys of the bridge is decorated with colors of the Russian flag. In contrast to the Golden bridge across the Golden horn Bay bridge on island Russian has only 4 lanes and a smaller width. The bridge was opened on the birthday of the city in the presence of Dmitry Medvedev and became a welcome gift to the residents and guests of Vladivostok. For pedestrians walking over the bridge is forbidden because of wind gusts that can reach 30 m/s. estimated number of vehicles per day crossing the bridge at about 6,000. After the opening of the bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait, an increasing number of people prefer to relax on the island of Russian, which significantly unloaded the attendance of the most popular city beach Bay Azure (Shamora).

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