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The Monument to V. I. Lenin

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok

The monument is located opposite the main station of the city train, on a small hill. Its opening took place on 7 November 1930. The opening was 13, the anniversary of the October revolution and a gift from the St Petersburg factory "Red Vyborzhets". The collection of funds began after the death of the ruler in 1924. The bronze monument was erected by the sculptor Vasily Kozlov. The figure of Lenin is depicted full-length, raised hand is a pointer towards a brighter future. The second version says that Lenin points to the entrance to Vladivostok from the sea. A number of monuments in honor of V. I. Lenin was opened in many cities of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Makhachkala, Moscow, Novosibirsk). In the square named after Lenin is also a lot of benches surrounded by flowers, to each of the residents or guests of the city could enjoy a rest in comfortable and warm atmosphere.

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