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Primorsky Tourist Information center

Primorsky Kray, Vladivostok, Semenovskaya St., 29 (Hyundai hotel", 1st floor)

In Primorsky Krai began the work of ANO "Tourist information center of Primorsky Krai" (PC).

The main purpose of TCI is the creation of comfortable information environment in the sphere of tourism of Primorsky Krai and the promotion of the region in domestic and international tourism markets.

To achieve this goal, the Tourist information centre has the following objectives:

- providing reference services on other tourist facilities and infrastructure;

- formation of a uniform information tourist space on the territory of Primorsky Krai;

- promotion of the tourist brand of Primorye and brands of tourism clusters of the region;

- online promotion of tourism in Primorsky region in the domestic and international tourism markets;

- formation of positive image and awareness of Primorsky Krai in the domestic and international tourism markets;

- creation of conditions for the development of kongressno exhibition activity and business tourism (MICE-tourism);

- support and development of tourist and excursion routes in Primorsky region;

- development of recommendations for foreign tourists on how to stay safe in Primorsky region;

- formation of the calendar of tourist events in Primorsky region;

- increase domestic and incoming tourist flows and the duration of stay of tourists in Primorsky region;

- creation of conditions for training specialists of tourist grown: organizing and conducting information and training seminars, round tables, conferences, other teaching specialists in the sphere of tourism and hospitality;

- monitoring of tourism and hospitality on the territory of Primorsky Krai;

- participation in organizing and conducting events in the field of tourism, organized by the Primorsky regional Administration;

- organization, holding and participation in interregional and international tourist exhibitions, fairs, forums, conferences, seminars, round tables on tourism;

- organization of forums, exhibitions, presentations in the field of tourism;

- maintenance of multilingual Internet portal on tourism in Primorsky region.

In order to promote tourism resources and tourism industry in Primorsky Krai TCI invites to cooperation organizations working in the field of recreation, leisure, entertainment, tourism to disseminate information about the activities, services and products of the company in advertising and printing materials Tourist information center and multilingual Internet portal on tourism in Primorsky region.

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