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The Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Svetlanskaya street 65

8 Jun 1861 in Vladivostok, on the slope of a hill (now called Pushkin), the laying of the assumption Church, which became the first in the city. Prayer on the occasion of the laying of the Church was celebrated by hieromonk Philaret and Vitaly, operated by a screw Corvette "Griden" and "Kalevala". Sunday, April 1, 1862 (April 13, new style), instead of the Lenten Blagovest Orthodox Vladivostok, the first service called for a landing shot of a cannon near the house of the chief of post. After six days the residents of Vladivostok met in the temple the Passover. In September 1863 here were baptized the first children of Vladivostok, and on 8 Jan 1865 held its first wedding!

The Church was small: length 9 yards (19 meters), together with the altar, width 4 fathoms (8.5 meters). He had eight Windows, a small porch and the porch. The iconostasis was made of ship sails, stretched on a wooden frame, and painted white. Dome and bell tower in the Church was not. Small ship's bell hung next to a Church under a gable roof. It was an ordinary log house, and only a wooden cross rises above the gable roof, reminiscent of the building's purpose.

Under the Soviet regime in 1932, the assumption Cathedral was closed and in 1938 destroyed. On the remains of a Foundation built a house which later housed the art school.

In 1997, according to numerous requests of believers, the city authorities gave to the Church the building of the former Cathedral house.

In 2001, the temple was crowned by cupolas and crosses, and the Easter 2002, the Church was the iconostasis is established.

In 2010 was built a new bell tower, made a new bell. 3 Oct after the service the Archbishop Vladivostok and seaside Veniamin has performed the rite of consecration of a new bell tower.

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