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The Tatianina chapel

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Pushkinskaya St., 29 B

Chapel-temple of St. Tatiana in Vladivostok was built in 2000 under the leadership of a group of young designers-students, under the leadership of V. Moore. 2 years later this temple from Pskov brought the relics of Martyr Tatiana.

Initially, the activities of the temple did not include such ordinances as the wedding and the communion. Subsequently, for the convenience of visitors, students and tourists had built the altar. Also was added the following items: the throne and the iconostasis with four icons, the Royal doors and one North side door.

In 2004, Tatiana's day was held the first Liturgy with the blessing of Archbishop Vladivostok and seaside Veniamin.

Tatianina chapel is part of the University, which also included sonica and the monument of fallen polytechnics during the second world war.

Currently, this temple is the center of spiritual and educational life FESTU and the city of Vladivostok.

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