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Sanatorium The Caspian Sea

+7 (988) 300-41-07 +7 (8722) 63-72-20


Sanatorium Caspian : a relaxing stay in the realm of Nature!


Surrounded by eucalyptus, poplars and Acacias, on the coast of the Caspian sea is conveniently located sanatorium the Caspian sea, one of the major Dagestani resorts. Large can be considered as an area of 22 hectares and fame. People from all corners of Russia not casually give preference to this hotel: here you can relax, to heal, to hold conferences and seminars, enjoying the local climate and nature.


If you are tired of the bustle of the city


Come here at any time of the year. Thanks to the warm Dagestan winter to rest and recuperate comfortably in the sanatorium all year round. To settle you in a single or double room (or Suite) of one of the buildings or in a double cottage. Here are two buildings: a five-storey and three-storey Deluxe. The whole area is a continuous urban zone, walking is not only enjoyable, but also extremely useful.


Of course, any who travel in Dagestan sea and unique nature will give you a lot of pleasant experiences. But that happiness was complete, important and comfortable. Maximum comfort offers Deluxe rooms, equipped with air conditioners, refrigerators and TVs. Refrigerators and bathrooms equipped with all the standard room. Each floor has a common room with a TV.


Among other things, the pension Caspian sea will delight you with colorful views, especially where they face the sea. Balconies in many rooms harmoniously complement your stay. Agree, have a Cup of tea on the balcony, enjoying the view of traveling waves and the warm evening or morning breeze, always a pleasure.


And since we are talking about food, be confident that hungry then you will not leave. Each arrived at the boarding house in Dagestan Caspian sea will appreciate the friendly sound of the surf, and cooks of "Caspian" – five times a balanced diet.


Even a couple of days spent here will give you energy and positive emotions. And feel better you will feel from the first moments of your stay in this amazing beautiful place.

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