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Romodanovsky or Kazanskiy railway station

Construction Romodanovsky and the Kazan railway station and the adjacent residential and administrative buildings was begun in 1900, and in 1904 the complex became operational. It is located on the right Bank of the Oka river — the Wharf, flour mill Degtiarevich and Bashkirova. A classic station building looked particularly bright and majestic in the background of the eclectic, "merchant" architecture Lower. With the development of the railway network movement focused on the other Bank of the Oka, and the station became unnecessary. It was decided to close. And yet, in its primary role, the station has made, and after "retirement" — in the epic "ordeal". In 1993, the historic building has included a number of architectural monuments, and a decade later on the money of private investors it was renovated. Now the former station is a plant for the manufacture of plastic cards.

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