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Holy Trinity Church: "classics" on the Bank of the Tesha

Sobakino — the name previously was the current village of Krasny Bor in the Shatkovsky district, picturesquely situated on the left Bank of the river Teshi. On these lands in the XVI century went to Kazan, troops Ivan the terrible, after the liquidation of the Kazan khanate and expansion of Russian state borders County land it is actively distributed in the local command of Russian noblemen and servicemen people. The settlement of the territory of the future RAYONA was mainly Russian, population increased due to the alien and fugitive peasants, whose life was closely connected with the forest. In large settlements — the villages Ponetaevka, Silino, Sharapova — were built Orthodox churches, sometimes very thorough. In 1833, in the village of Krasny Bor was built Holy Trinity Church in the fashionable classical style with the main altar of the Holy Trinity and the chapels of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God (right) and St. Nicholas (left). Today the Holy Trinity Church is an architectural monument, being one of the nine temples Shatkovsky district, located in the deanery.

The village Krasny Bor is located about halfway between Arzamas and workers settlement shaky. Marketplace the village at the eponymous railway station, is laid over a century ago, officially mentioned already in Arzamas local acts, Dating from 1583. To get in Arzamas from the South at that time was through the so-called Sobocinska and Shatkovskaya gate.

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