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Trampoline Park "Gagarin"

Nizhny Novgorod region, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow highway, 83B
+7 (831) 410–62–06, +7–910–790–62–06

A wide range of opportunities for recreation and entertainment of children and adults that offers sports and entertainment centre Gagarin":

- 18 trampoline with mesh of varying hardness,

- foam pit

- acrobatic path length of 10 meters from the landing area,

- trampoline bridge

- Swedish wall

- balance boards

- coil wire.

Operates a convenient system for passes for free admission for children and adults (1 to 3 hours). Individual and group lessons (children and adults). You can rent one trampoline to the company (family) up to 5 people or celebrating in the hall of the birthday child in the company of friends with the animators-instructors.

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