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Live Lyskovskiy

g. Lyskovo St. Michurina d. 25
8(83149) 5-14-44

In the days of the Makariev fair was customary to offer visitors sbiten, kvass this drink. It began production, which is alive to this day, in 1860. The first owner of the factory was Anna Stout, the daughter of a Georgian Prince. Rented and then bought the plant, the first Guild merchant Fedor Ermolaev, which is reminiscent of today in the city's eponymous restaurant. After the revolution the factory was nationalized, in the 90-ies of the last century became a joint stock company.

Made in the spirit of "historicizing" of modernity with closure in the form of a headdress and a balcony, stone buildings of the factory survived until now. They are a symbol of the city of Lyskovo as the products of the plant.

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