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The Church of Prince Igor of Chernigov

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Fontannaya street 12

The temple of the Holy Prince-Martyr Ihor of Chernihiv, above all, dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of the Department of internal Affairs in Primorsky region, died while performing their duties. The height of the temple is 21 m, the area of each of the two floors at 78 sqm Upper chapel (floor) was consecrated in honor of the Holy Prince-Martyr Ihor of Chernihiv and the lower chapel in honour of sacred great Martyr Demetrius, the patron Saint of soldiers. The author of the architectural project by the famous architect Valery Moore.

The temple was erected in the shortest possible time - June 7, 2006, His Eminence Archbishop Benjamin concelebrated by the diocesan clergy performed the rite of consecration of the Foundation stone and a capsule in the Foundation of the temple of the Holy Prince, passion-bearer Igor of Chernigov in Vladivostok at St. Border. By March 2007, the construction of the temple was completed. 25 March 2007 was the dedication of the temple. In the new Church was held the divine Liturgy and the memorial of fallen soldiers from the special police forces laid wreaths.

During the solemn ceremony of consecration of the leadership of the police Department as a gift to the Church was presented with the icon of the Holy Prince Igor of Chernigov, in whose honor and named novovoznesenka Church. This icon is made Vladivostok the icon painter Sergei Shekalim colors on a gold background. The size of the icon 50 by 40 inches. It depicts the Holy Prince Igor with a cross and sword in hand. The icon is a feast for the temple.

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